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*Best in industry pedal ratio
*Best in industry brake fluid pressure
*Best in industry brake torque

manufactures quality CUSTOM 6061-T6 ALUMINUM manual brake adapter plates, quality rubber gaskets, and custom push rod assemblies that are made to convert your power equipped, disc brakes g-body (1978-1988 Monte Carlo, Malibu, Regal, Grand Prix, Cutlass) car, S10 Trucks/Blazers (1982-2004 S10, S15, Blazer, Jimmy, Sonoma, Bravada), and F-body (1982-2002 Camaro Z28, RS, Berlinetta, Firebird Trans Am, Formula) to a manual brake setup.

The MANUALBRAKES.COM adapter plate and adjustable pushrod assembly is the easiest, is the simplest, and is the least expensive way to convert to manual brakes on 1978 - 1987 g-body and 1982 - 1993 (1st generation) S10 Trucks and SUVs.

The MANUALBRAKES.COM adapter plate and adjustable pushrod assembly  is the best solution to converting a 1982-1992 F-body Camaro or Firebird to manual brakes.

Higher Pedal Ratio = Less Leg Effort = Increase Braking Performance

*Detailed Installation Instructions Included with All Adapter Plates Sold*

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Converting over to a MANUALBRAKES.COM setup will:

  • Clean up your firewall and engine bay by getting rid of the big bulky power booster
  • Allow your brakes to operate better if your highly modified engine does not create enough vacuum to operate the power brakes
  • Shed a approximately 9 pounds to make their car lighter
  • Give a cleaner, custom look under the your hood
  • Get you better brake modulation and  "feel"
  • Allow clearance for turbo exhaust downpipes or other tight clearance parts
  • Deliver a 6 to 1 pedal ratio for more stopping force
  • Accept most stock GM or Chrysler / Mopar master cylinders
  • Cost less than the competitors


The MANUALBRAKES.COM adapter plate and matching gasket are CNC machined by a water jet for a perfect fit. The adapter plate is made from rigid 1/8” thick aluminum with dimensions that covers up the hole in the firewall after you remove the power booster.

For any questions, please email me at

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